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About us!

ET provides offensive and defensive solutions for Enterprise, Government Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies. Ask us for more information: Email Us

Products and Solutions

firefoxET offers wide range of Layer 7 Header and Payload DPI, Content Forensics, Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence, LI, Anti-DDOS, Intrusion Detection & Prevention and Defensive solutions to all group of customers. For more information, please Email Us.

DPI, Content Monitoring & Cyber Intelligence Solutions

ET full suites of DPI and Content Monitoring Solutions

  1. ET iWeb System (New) - Provide the Authority platform to detect illegal websites such as illegal betting, illegal pornographic, drug trafficking sites through combining our L7 DPI and IRGO engine. ET successfully file patent for iWeb that is designed to help government agencies by exposing illegal website and traffic like online gambling, pornography & etc. use within the nation. Enterprise may also deploy iWeb for the corporate network. For more information, click this link.
  2. ET iFilter System - Provide high speed Layer 7 DPI packet filtering solutions. Able to concurrently process and filter out few thousands of targets at the same time on multiple 10/40/100Gbps links. The target filtered content can be based on REGEX Text String such as Email accounts, Web Mail accounts, IM accounts, Key Words, URL, Credit Card, various different patterns etc...
  3. ET Mediation System - Provide customizable Mediation System for data delivery compliance to ETSI standard or local LI standard.
  4. ET Warrant Management System - Provide customizable Warrant Management System with compliance to ETSI standard or local LI standard.
  5. ET 3i System - Provide real-time L7 IP traffic reconstruction and visibility which allows raw data packet stream to be decoded, reassembled and reconstructed back to the original content view received/composed/sent by the target users using our IRGO engine.
  6. ET iRS System - Provide data retention and preservation features to ET 3i System with additional storage. Data can be stored and viewed for longer period of time (weeks, months even up to years) according to customer requirements.
  7. ET iCS System - Provide centralized management and visualization platform to manage iFilter Systems, 3i Systems and iRS Systems  which can be deployed at multiple locations or sites.
  8. ET 3i Tactical System - Provide a portable IP Internet interception and Intelligence Gathering system (capable on intercepting on Wired Ethernet - 802.3 and Wi-Fi - 802.11a/b/g/n networks) which allows LEA to track, trace and hunt down the relevant suspects. This product is highly recommended for the Intelligence Agencies. It is capable of intercepting HTTPS SSL traffic using variety of methods. Credentials of target suspects can also be grabbed.

For more information about our products and offering, please contact us at Email Us. We provide expertise and consultancy that will help you to choose the right products and solutions for deployment.

Our Other Solutions Partnering with Our Technology Partners

  1. Networks Taps - Traditional/Basic Passive Taps, Distributed Taps, Bypass Taps, Filtering Taps, Network Packet Broker (NPB).
  2. Anti-DDOS Solutions (Defence Solutions) - Solutions against Denial of Service (DoS) and flooding attack.
  3. Advanced Threat Protection Solutions (Defence Solutions) - Solutions to detect - response against breaches and against hacker Malware attacks from internal or external network.
  4. Agent based Target Interception Solutions - Offensive Intelligence Gathering Solutions to monitor and against encrypted traffic type on target mobile devices, PC, Notebooks etc...